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Smokey the parro Smokey the parrot Two hamsters Miss Snooks on the chair A touch of male bonding

Welcome. Have a look round the site to find out a lot more about the shop that has been leading the way in the pet care industry for the last thirty-six years. You can meet the animals, get up to date with the present and the past of our store and contact us with your comments and queries.

Steve Edgington, the pet shop owner, is the man who keeps the shop open every day of the week. He has been a champion horse rider, owned the Guinness toucan and now enjoys a rare relationship with his pet fox Miss Snooks. He can be found in the photograph above.

As you can see we sell all the usual products you might want if you're a pet owner. You might think we are a usual pet shop. We are far from it! Hassocks Pet Centre is a unique experience. We have a shop full of free-range animals and dedicated staff. We focus on the educational value of interacting with pets, for both children and adults. Our many visitors also make our animals very tame. If you've visited us you will know!

We love to help our customers. We have a hands-on approach; we advise on the animals and help find solutions for customers’ problems and we socialize pets with their owners. We are located in the heart of Hassocks and have a local DVD rental service, hire out tennis courts and, of course, encourage recycling.

Welcome to our website, feel free to look around and tell us what you think.

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Opening times

Every day 8:30am to 8:30pm except christmas day and boxing day

Smokey is the pet shop's resident African Grey Parrot

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