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Miss Snooks (Vixen)

Six years ago Miss Snooks was discovered as an abandoned cub when she was six days old.

She was rescued by Steve and Nola Edgington and quickly became a huge part of their lives and also that of their pet shop.

She became too tame to be returned into the wild and now spends her evenings with Steve, hunting for the snacks that he  has hidden within her “den” and being brushed.

She is fully litter-trained, just like a cat.

Miss Snooks is now famous throughout the world as being a tame fox.  She is a fairly private animal and is wary of strangers. Despite this we were delighted to be recently filmed by Sky documentary reporters for a new program called “Pet Nation”.

You can catch the whole story of Miss Snooks and how she came to be such an iconic part of the pet shop in March on Sky One. We are also planning to put up the footage of this on the website so you see her for yourself! Watch this space!

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Smokey is the pet shop's resident African Grey Parrot

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