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October 28, 2013

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Blowy Afternoon

Bubbles the bunny has found his owner! Not through the WebBlog. They were actually in the store buying African Land Snails to replae the rabbit that they had lost. Overhearing the lost rabbit I checked with them our white liohead and now everyones happy.

The storm that ravaged the UK last night was nowhere near as dramatic as predicted. Still glad I brought all my rabbits and guineapigs in from the hutches – which are completely soaked.

We are missing a long haired chocolate coloured cat called Marcell. He is a bit of a roamer and has gone AWOL before but I’m missing him today. If you spot him, let us know.

Have ordered more hamsters and African Land snails for this week.

Busy and blowy…

October 25, 2013

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A white lionhead rabbit has turned up in Grand Avenue, where he has been spotted hopping about for a few days now. We have him here in store so if anybody know where he came from let us know.

In other news we have had some bumper sales in the mouse department. These lovely little rodents come with a long tail which they use to balance with like a climber uses a rope- which means that they grip well on little hands.

The gerbils are still here gnawing away and the cats watch them with their industry.

Halloween is on the horizion… no doubt something creepy this way comes (maybe a big spider or an albino rat visiting this Saturday!


October 15, 2013

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Tuesday 15th October.


God, it’s quiet in the shop today. Wonder if everyone has abandoned us to shop at the new Pets at Home in Burgess Hill.  Steve points out that it is always quiet at this time of year and that people don’t tend to think about buying animals until nearer to Christmas. That’s probably true. Our pets are pretty fab though and hope people are not simply opting for the mass produced- cheap – variety.

No doubt those that do will come to regret it. It takes time and effort to train any pet. Even hamsters have to be handled if they are not to bite. It’s the handling time and effort that we put in which makes for pets rather than prisoners.  Makes my job more fun too and those that visit get to hold an animal under supervision.

So who’s in store? Today I have been counting.

37 Cats and Kittens

6 Rabbits

4 Guinea pigs

6 Hamsters

4 Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

4 Gerbils

4 African Land Snails

1 African Grey Parrot.

Oh yeah and STACKS of bugs. These are live food for pets such as Bearded Dragons and Geckos. Normally by Monday we have sold out but they are all left on the counter and I wonder if these are discounted at the new chain store- I have reduced them to £2.60 a pot with 4 for £10. They are gut loaded with all kinds of food (which I pick from the ground) and are of an excellent standard but if people don’t start buying them we might have to stop selling them!

On a more upbeat subject the next PET CLUB is coming up this Sunday at 2pm. We will all be attending, minus Sid the snake who has joined Steve Irwin in the big snake pit in the sky, and Jackson the Jackdaw * see above note re. 37 Cats.  Think it’s best that he stays at home til I have a feline-free venue to invite you all to although I will continue to do a pet club of sorts within the shop.




October 6, 2013

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Saturday 5/10/13. Theme of the Day. Comings and Goings.

Yesterday I said never a dull day. There are sad days.

I woke up this morning to find Sid the beautiful corn snake dead in his tank. I have had him two years and he’s been amazing. He has been to primary schools and pet clubs and never once been aggressive. Some of you might have met him as Kellogs, which was what I called him during lessons because Kellogs corn snake sounds like Kellogs Corn Flake and it helps us remember. The last owner had Sid/Kellogs for 7 years before he was rehomed with me. I was surprized this happened though as has never shown any signs of sickness and always fed well.

He’s there laid out, perfect and not a scratch on him, I am going to do some research as to why it happened and whether snakes have heart attacks.

Animals come animals go and I go to work with this sad thought in my mind.

I walk in to see a customer with Steve, we have run out of frozen mice and, as this is my job to order them I am already in trouble! So I apologise to the customer and we talk about her snakes and what they eat and how people say she should split them up but they seem happier together.  I don’t tell her that mine has just died.

Funny thing, next customer wants to talk about Sid “What type of snake was that you gave me to hold at Pet Club?” I reply quite blandly but she continues “Thank you so much for letting my husband hold a snake.”

Coincidences. Or just another Theme of the day.

The day goes on and the gerbils I put in the shop display are doing well, I gave them lots of cardboard to chew which they soon buzz-sawed up into a nest. Smokey the parrot, another chewer had managed to destroy one of her perches and it was lying on the bottom of the cage completely useless. Thinking that I was a: recycling and b: being helpful I decided to give this now shortened perch to the tame pigeon that Steve has hand fed.

I’m pretty quick when it comes to handling animals. I teach handling animals to children. I don’t know if it was sad thoughts of my snake, or the fact that I never expected it from such a friendly simple little bird but the pigeon barged past me, flapped it’s wings and took off. I said something very rude and very loudly, which turned a couple of amused heads from the Horse Feed Garages. The ladies said cheerily that at least it could fly (and boy did it) but Steve was concerned that it couldn’t feed itself (it is rather simply sitting by it’s food bowl waiting to be fed) so I was even less popular.

What a sad and terrible day I thought, although I sat tiny bunnies on childrens’ laps and scratched Marcell the cat behind the ears and then somebody brought me this:

I have brought home because it is so fragile. This rabbit is an albino wild rabbit. I wondered if it mother had shoved it out of the nest because it looked odd, or more likely if it had just become lost and separated. The cat that brought her in hasn’t left a scratch on her, so maybe she will survive. She cant be more than three weeks old. I am currently soaking some rabbit pellets that I can feed her with a syringe. Baby animals need to be kept warm so she is on a hot water bottle.

Meanwhile, Steve was mixing up the cats dinner outside when he heard a familiar mewing. His pigeon flew down from the sky and landed on his head! He is now safely back in his enclosure, none the worse for his little adventure in the wild. When he is able to feed himself we will release him.

Day not so terrible anymore. Spent the evening feeding albino rabbit and talking to Steve from Raven Haven on the telephone. I have rescued a magpie that cant fly and am taking it up to him next week. Cleaned out Sid’s viv and fed all the other animals while chatting. Jack the jackdaw seemed to sense who I was talking to and croaked away – only to be answered by a raven at the other end!

Jack and Tyrion wait for their dinner!

Sorry, It’s been a long one. Just like to talk about the animals,




October 4, 2013

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Friday 4th October – Bunnies on the Counter

It’s a rainy Friday and not much is going on in Hassocks apart from the lazy cats mincing about the store.

There was a brief moment of excitement when a man came in carrying a hamster cage full of nine gerbils for me to sex. Those cats love the clockwork-like way gerbils move and they peered with twitching whiskers at what I was doing. but they wouldn’t dare. Not on my shift. Not so much because of animal magic but because I carry a water pistol.

Anyway, the gerbils were cute and I took four of them off his hands.

They make funny little pets and are happy as long as kept in pairs. So I’ll be selling them as such, anybody interested should called 01273842392, come visit me at work or send an email to

Once the gerbils were safely behind glass, the cats returned to lounging about. The kittens played with dangly toys to much “oooohing” and “awwwing”. All day people stopped me and said “they are so cute” and I nodded for the 100th time.  After 5 years of daily exposure I am quite immune to the cuteness of kittens.

Still, hand feeding the little kitten called Rolly Polly is very cute! He is a lot smaller than his peers so we are feeding him Applaws tuna, which he seems to like a lot. We give our shop kittens and mum cats extra food because they need the protein. So if you see a group of kittens in a cage eating, don’t disturb them until they are finished!

People ask me a lot of questions about the cats- but the truth is, that’s Steve’s department. Not that we are a big store with departments, we leave that to Pets At Home. We all look out for the animals here but the cats are Steve’s pets and if you want to buy one you have to convince him.

A lot of the cats on display are rescued or have been here such a long time they have become residents. We do sell kittens to responsible homes but we require a photograph of where you intend to keep your new cat.

For myself, I specialise in the small animals. I sell several guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters (Syrian and Chinese Dwarf), mice, gerbils, rats and the odd reptile. I can help with rehoming animals (for example the new gerbils) and advice on wildlife rescue.

A note on selling animals. If you have a specific pet in mind we can probably order it in for you – but you might have to wait while it’s tracked down, going through it’s socialization training, or until you have the correct enclosure at home.

I am always happy to answer questions and talk about animals and will happily expand on this blog if people could give me an idea what topics would be useful. I am currently running Open Cages Animal School pet club once a month in store which anybody is welcome to attend. I bring in a selection of my pets and let children hold them. I teach lessons in handling and socialisation. Again contact me for more details on this.

For me even a rainy day is a day shared with animals. I brought my little lion head rabbits in to sit on the counter and be stroked by customers, I had a little dance with Smokey the parrot. I chatted cats with Steve, we loaded cars, cleaned out cages and fed apples to African Land Snails. A rainy day maybe, but never a boring one!




October 3, 2013

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Animal Schooling.

This website has been here a long time now and I rarely find the time to post. Which hits home as a shame when people leave lovely comments for me to approve (thanks for that)

Working with animals everyday means that I have lots of stories to tell but rarely find the time to tell them. So many incredible encounters have occurred during my 5 years working at Hassocks Pet Centre- and with the beginnings of Animal School, yet I don’t post them on here  as I’m probably cleaning out or feeding something, although I promise to try more often.

The last Pet Club, held at the shop on 20th September, went to show that people really love animals. You couldn’t move within the Animal Room for people holding animals. My pets that I bring from home are always well behaved and I am amazed by their trust for me and the work they do with the children. I am amazed at the enthusiasm by the children, that they remember the facts from the month before and share them with younger kids, including the correct way to hold them.

I am also amazed that the cats, normally stalking and hunting small rodents, chill out and sit back for the two hours so I can do my show. I’m amazed because it works. Animals are best met out of cages!


June 17, 2013

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Cats Video and Coming Updates…

We are currently making some up dates to the website.

Some of the prices of the animals have gone up and will soon be amended on here.

We also have some new additions to the gang.

In the meantime, here is a small video about the shop cats…

April 13, 2013

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ANIMAL SCHOOL and other new ventures…


Feel free to join our pet club on Sunday 28th April for this month’s pet club.  It runs from 2pm- 3pm.

I will be bringing a range of small mammals, reptiles and insects for the kids to meet. As well as our usual cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Here at Hassocks Pet Centre we like to encourage children and adults alike to interact with pets. We hope you enjoy!



September 10, 2012

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Steve’s Talkabout… Unedited version.

  1. As many of you are aware, local pet shop owner Steve Edgington is also known for his interesting column on the back of the local magazine “The Talkabout” His writing is very small and normally edited for PC reasons. Hassocks Pet Centre are proud to present the Unedited Big Print Version:

More local news- By Steve.

When I arrived at work and found that huge demolition tractor in the middle of the road, my first thought was that Sainsbury’s had started making parking spaces for lorries, but got the wrong address of what building it was taking down and demolished Barclays instead!

No seriously, the old way of robbing banks with a pair of tights over your head and a banana in a paper bag have given way to more drastic methods, neither of which seems to have a very high success rate these days. Mind you, I would love to see the banks CCTV footage as that thing comes in the front door, but we must spare a thought for those poor people who had to evacuate their homes for quite a while because of the greed and ineptitude of these two idiots.

Don’t people get their knickers in a twist about parking!

This bloke kept parking his car where the charity shop volunteers normally park.  

Once it was there for weeks but I guess some people think they can park where they like, for as long as they like. One day I just happened to see him getting in his car with his little girl and just mentioned that “you know, you’re not meant to park round here.”

I must have touched a nerve because he went potty and as usual I’m the bad guy here.

Eventually, he starts backing out of the space but then all of a sudden he must have decided that he’d forgotten to mention something, so he drove full pelt at me! Now, there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity but I decided that although this could be painful, I wasn’t going to leap out of the way.

Good job this large foreign car had good brakes. He did stop but jumped out of the car and branded me a “weirdo” – Bit harsh I thought but then it occurred to me that I do have two pet foxes, an awful lot of cats, I rarely sleep, I raid bins to get food for foxes and spend half the night driving round putting this food down for them, I work seven days a week, never take a holiday and I love every minute of it.

Well, I suppose in some peoples’ eyes I am a bit strange.

He still parks where he shouldn’t and his words are “no weirdo tells me what to do”

When people swear at me I am always a little shit. I have met people smaller.

July 23, 2012

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Miss Snooks at The Cancer Clinc


Thank you to all those of you that have asked about Miss Snooks after her appearance on Foxes Live.

Anyone who missed the program can watch it on the link below.

To catch up, Miss Snooks and Steve have been attending a cancer clinic in Essex for Radiotherapy. There were six sessions in total and she has responded well to this. Miss Snooks is the first fox to ever recieve radiotherapy. Read what they think here.


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