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October 3, 2013

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Animal Schooling.

This website has been here a long time now and I rarely find the time to post. Which hits home as a shame when people leave lovely comments for me to approve (thanks for that)

Working with animals everyday means that I have lots of stories to tell but rarely find the time to tell them. So many incredible encounters have occurred during my 5 years working at Hassocks Pet Centre- and with the beginnings of Animal School, yet I don’t post them on here  as I’m probably cleaning out or feeding something, although I promise to try more often.

The last Pet Club, held at the shop on 20th September, went to show that people really love animals. You couldn’t move within the Animal Room for people holding animals. My pets that I bring from home are always well behaved and I am amazed by their trust for me and the work they do with the children. I am amazed at the enthusiasm by the children, that they remember the facts from the month before and share them with younger kids, including the correct way to hold them.

I am also amazed that the cats, normally stalking and hunting small rodents, chill out and sit back for the two hours so I can do my show. I’m amazed because it works. Animals are best met out of cages!


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