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October 4, 2013

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Friday 4th October – Bunnies on the Counter

It’s a rainy Friday and not much is going on in Hassocks apart from the lazy cats mincing about the store.

There was a brief moment of excitement when a man came in carrying a hamster cage full of nine gerbils for me to sex. Those cats love the clockwork-like way gerbils move and they peered with twitching whiskers at what I was doing. but they wouldn’t dare. Not on my shift. Not so much because of animal magic but because I carry a water pistol.

Anyway, the gerbils were cute and I took four of them off his hands.

They make funny little pets and are happy as long as kept in pairs. So I’ll be selling them as such, anybody interested should called 01273842392, come visit me at work or send an email to

Once the gerbils were safely behind glass, the cats returned to lounging about. The kittens played with dangly toys to much “oooohing” and “awwwing”. All day people stopped me and said “they are so cute” and I nodded for the 100th time.  After 5 years of daily exposure I am quite immune to the cuteness of kittens.

Still, hand feeding the little kitten called Rolly Polly is very cute! He is a lot smaller than his peers so we are feeding him Applaws tuna, which he seems to like a lot. We give our shop kittens and mum cats extra food because they need the protein. So if you see a group of kittens in a cage eating, don’t disturb them until they are finished!

People ask me a lot of questions about the cats- but the truth is, that’s Steve’s department. Not that we are a big store with departments, we leave that to Pets At Home. We all look out for the animals here but the cats are Steve’s pets and if you want to buy one you have to convince him.

A lot of the cats on display are rescued or have been here such a long time they have become residents. We do sell kittens to responsible homes but we require a photograph of where you intend to keep your new cat.

For myself, I specialise in the small animals. I sell several guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters (Syrian and Chinese Dwarf), mice, gerbils, rats and the odd reptile. I can help with rehoming animals (for example the new gerbils) and advice on wildlife rescue.

A note on selling animals. If you have a specific pet in mind we can probably order it in for you – but you might have to wait while it’s tracked down, going through it’s socialization training, or until you have the correct enclosure at home.

I am always happy to answer questions and talk about animals and will happily expand on this blog if people could give me an idea what topics would be useful. I am currently running Open Cages Animal School pet club once a month in store which anybody is welcome to attend. I bring in a selection of my pets and let children hold them. I teach lessons in handling and socialisation. Again contact me for more details on this.

For me even a rainy day is a day shared with animals. I brought my little lion head rabbits in to sit on the counter and be stroked by customers, I had a little dance with Smokey the parrot. I chatted cats with Steve, we loaded cars, cleaned out cages and fed apples to African Land Snails. A rainy day maybe, but never a boring one!




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