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June 12, 2010

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Of Snooks

Wow! What a treat to see Miss Snooks on television. Because she is so shy of strangers, I have never seen some of the behaviour she demonstrated on the footage from the Edgington family archive! I particularly loved seeing her rushing in from the cat flap, knowing that she would rather be around people than out in the wild.

It may seem strange to many of us that it is possible to keep a wild animal as a pet. Miss Snooks is an exceptional animal. Steve’s relationship with her is a special one which is bought with a lot of time and sacrifice.  To own a fox is to go without sleep, never to change your routine and to never leave them. Local customers know Steve is never far from his pet shop.  The hours he keeps are as strange as his foxy companion and while many of us might envy him the moments he shares with Miss Snooks, we do not encourage others to go out looking for foxes as pets.

 It is hard to interract with any animal without bonding with it. There is something in the action of touching and talking to a pet that draws out out our emotions to want to look after it. I love showing off our animals to those eager to learn about them.  The more information shared about a creature the more we want to know these creatures! 

I’m in the lucky position of being able to sell animals only if I am really happy with the homes they are going to. Here at the pet shop we try and encourage that initial bond which comes from a rush of learning with a test of patience that the fascination will last.

For this reason there is a one week wait for all animals that have just come into the store, a “go home and think” reservation policy and the promise that we will help with all queries or problems you might face when adopting your new pet.

Anyway, going to try and put the footage of Miss Snooks onto the Internet!

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