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October 6, 2013

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Saturday 5/10/13. Theme of the Day. Comings and Goings.

Yesterday I said never a dull day. There are sad days.

I woke up this morning to find Sid the beautiful corn snake dead in his tank. I have had him two years and he’s been amazing. He has been to primary schools and pet clubs and never once been aggressive. Some of you might have met him as Kellogs, which was what I called him during lessons because Kellogs corn snake sounds like Kellogs Corn Flake and it helps us remember. The last owner had Sid/Kellogs for 7 years before he was rehomed with me. I was surprized this happened though as has never shown any signs of sickness and always fed well.

He’s there laid out, perfect and not a scratch on him, I am going to do some research as to why it happened and whether snakes have heart attacks.

Animals come animals go and I go to work with this sad thought in my mind.

I walk in to see a customer with Steve, we have run out of frozen mice and, as this is my job to order them I am already in trouble! So I apologise to the customer and we talk about her snakes and what they eat and how people say she should split them up but they seem happier together.  I don’t tell her that mine has just died.

Funny thing, next customer wants to talk about Sid “What type of snake was that you gave me to hold at Pet Club?” I reply quite blandly but she continues “Thank you so much for letting my husband hold a snake.”

Coincidences. Or just another Theme of the day.

The day goes on and the gerbils I put in the shop display are doing well, I gave them lots of cardboard to chew which they soon buzz-sawed up into a nest. Smokey the parrot, another chewer had managed to destroy one of her perches and it was lying on the bottom of the cage completely useless. Thinking that I was a: recycling and b: being helpful I decided to give this now shortened perch to the tame pigeon that Steve has hand fed.

I’m pretty quick when it comes to handling animals. I teach handling animals to children. I don’t know if it was sad thoughts of my snake, or the fact that I never expected it from such a friendly simple little bird but the pigeon barged past me, flapped it’s wings and took off. I said something very rude and very loudly, which turned a couple of amused heads from the Horse Feed Garages. The ladies said cheerily that at least it could fly (and boy did it) but Steve was concerned that it couldn’t feed itself (it is rather simply sitting by it’s food bowl waiting to be fed) so I was even less popular.

What a sad and terrible day I thought, although I sat tiny bunnies on childrens’ laps and scratched Marcell the cat behind the ears and then somebody brought me this:

I have brought home because it is so fragile. This rabbit is an albino wild rabbit. I wondered if it mother had shoved it out of the nest because it looked odd, or more likely if it had just become lost and separated. The cat that brought her in hasn’t left a scratch on her, so maybe she will survive. She cant be more than three weeks old. I am currently soaking some rabbit pellets that I can feed her with a syringe. Baby animals need to be kept warm so she is on a hot water bottle.

Meanwhile, Steve was mixing up the cats dinner outside when he heard a familiar mewing. His pigeon flew down from the sky and landed on his head! He is now safely back in his enclosure, none the worse for his little adventure in the wild. When he is able to feed himself we will release him.

Day not so terrible anymore. Spent the evening feeding albino rabbit and talking to Steve from Raven Haven on the telephone. I have rescued a magpie that cant fly and am taking it up to him next week. Cleaned out Sid’s viv and fed all the other animals while chatting. Jack the jackdaw seemed to sense who I was talking to and croaked away – only to be answered by a raven at the other end!

Jack and Tyrion wait for their dinner!

Sorry, It’s been a long one. Just like to talk about the animals,




  1. Hi Lindsay,

    So sorry about Sid, at least he had a full and interesting life while he was with you.

    That baby rabbit looks adorable! I hope it makes it though the early days and joins your menagerie. :-)

    I was sad today because Gola is proving to be terrified of being clipped. I wanted to slowly de-sensitize her, but she is so new, it feels like torturing her and she didn’t come to call this morning when I went to catch her. I think I will have to bite the bullet and buy a strong sedative from the vet and get it over with. These animals, we love them but they are sent to try us!

    Hope to see you soon, Abi

    Comment by Abi — October 6, 2013 @ 4:41 am

  2. im so sorry bout sid

    Comment by michelle — October 12, 2013 @ 1:01 pm

  3. awwww
    that rabbit is sooooooooooooooooooooo

    Comment by charlie — April 18, 2014 @ 2:32 pm

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