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December 2, 2010

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Sainsburys Song

For the last few days Hassocks Community Action group have been trudging through the snow collecting signatures against a fresh proposal for a supermarket giant to arrive like the death star on Hassocks High street.

This gets right up my nose. Back in the summer our local council refused the planning permission after receiving more than 2,000 letters of complaint, a multitude of signatures and I got blisters on my fingers planning my “Say NO to Sainsbury’s” protest song on the streets to amused onlookers.

The failed developer has decided to take a new approach to getting it’s own way and, this gets right up my nose, has lodged an appeal with the planning Inspectorate in Bristol to overturn the decision. Bristol! I mean what do they know about it.

I expect a lot of you don’t care, after all it’s not your back yard. Seriously though when a community has actually bothered to stand up against something they don’t think is right and actually DO SOMETHING about it they should at least be rewarded for their efforts.

STAND AND FIGHT is my suggestion (or maybe sing) Nobody in Hassocks seems to want this and if these big boys think they can muscle in while we all lie back and take it then they are mightily mistaken. Once again the Hassocks Community Action Group is out in force and good for them. I’m stuck in a snow drift but I’ve still got my song and I guess this is all I’ve got.

please to tell as many people as you can!
Until later,

The rumours that it is Sainsburys that want to develop on 22-24 Keymer road are not confirmed. That it IS a supermarket giant is a definite. I’m off to modify the lyrics so as not to offend any wrongly accused superstore. Whoever you are I don’t want you to win.

Please join our Facebook Group against this proposal!

Say No To Supermarkets. Hassocks Community Action Group

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