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October 15, 2013

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Tuesday 15th October.


God, it’s quiet in the shop today. Wonder if everyone has abandoned us to shop at the new Pets at Home in Burgess Hill.  Steve points out that it is always quiet at this time of year and that people don’t tend to think about buying animals until nearer to Christmas. That’s probably true. Our pets are pretty fab though and hope people are not simply opting for the mass produced- cheap – variety.

No doubt those that do will come to regret it. It takes time and effort to train any pet. Even hamsters have to be handled if they are not to bite. It’s the handling time and effort that we put in which makes for pets rather than prisoners.  Makes my job more fun too and those that visit get to hold an animal under supervision.

So who’s in store? Today I have been counting.

37 Cats and Kittens

6 Rabbits

4 Guinea pigs

6 Hamsters

4 Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

4 Gerbils

4 African Land Snails

1 African Grey Parrot.

Oh yeah and STACKS of bugs. These are live food for pets such as Bearded Dragons and Geckos. Normally by Monday we have sold out but they are all left on the counter and I wonder if these are discounted at the new chain store- I have reduced them to £2.60 a pot with 4 for £10. They are gut loaded with all kinds of food (which I pick from the ground) and are of an excellent standard but if people don’t start buying them we might have to stop selling them!

On a more upbeat subject the next PET CLUB is coming up this Sunday at 2pm. We will all be attending, minus Sid the snake who has joined Steve Irwin in the big snake pit in the sky, and Jackson the Jackdaw * see above note re. 37 Cats.  Think it’s best that he stays at home til I have a feline-free venue to invite you all to although I will continue to do a pet club of sorts within the shop.




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